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Our consulting team focuses on our client’s most critical issues: an effective workforce. Our goal is to find value across boundaries and give it to your organization.

We’re With You Every Step of The Way

With us, you’ll never walk alone.



You fill out our form with the specifications of your desired employee.


We sign a contract so we can work together on getting your desired employees.


We put all the data in our system. In order for the best potential candidates to show up.

Selection and approval

We interview every candidate, make a background check and check his status with former employers.



We get all the paperwork in order so the candidate can start working upon arrival.

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Our Services


We ensure that an organization’s human capital serves the best interests of the company.


We will collect, compile, and analyze metrics and statistics to improve your efficiency


Assessing the skills, experience, and qualifications of potential job applicants for your job offer


We get all the paperwork in order so the candidate can start working upon arrival.

Cost Transformation

Simplify, refocus and strengthen your organization by employing effective personnel.

Potential Transformation

Restructure your workforce by employing multiple nationalities to ensure maximum effectivnes.

Quality control

We check for feedback from both employers and employees ensuring happiness for both sides.


We educate every candidate about the culture, living and working in the foreign country.

Our advantages

We provide placement and staffing services for our clients. Whether it is permanent or temporary employment we always do the selection and interview process in order for our clients to get the best employees.

Online Planning

Easy Consultations

Large database

Candidate approval

 Creating your workforce

A superior workforce is the key to overcome your rivals in the business world and the key factor for succeeding is having the right people for the right job. Our selection process is focused on finding the most compatible people for your team. Remember, the three things you need in every employee are: accountability, reliability, and contribution.

Current job offers

Consulting and growth

We work hard to find the perfect match for your company.

Here for you in every step you make, every breath you take...

Partners are like stalkers, always there for you. As you grow, we will help you plan your workforce evolution. You’re not alone in the business world. We will be watching you.

What countries do you import your workers from?

We can import workers from most countries of the world but to lower the cost and length of paperwork, we mostly import our workers from the following countries:



North Macedonia


Bosnia and Herzegovina









Can you fill out our papework?

Depending on your countries laws we can arrange that we or our partners fill the forms for you. For more information, please contact us directly!

Are all candidates interviewed?

Yes, Our candidates are carefully selected to match your company needs.

Quality control

We check out both employers and employees after a period of time to guarantee the happines of both sides. If you need to contact us soner you can always do so using the following contacts:

Hotel Westin

Ul. Izidora Kršnjavog 1, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia

Contact number

+385 99 357 1500

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